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Automatic graphics and animation workflows for live sports streams



Produce quality live content that attracts new fans and sponsors



Automatically integrate match statistics into your live streams

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LIGR is a platform that enables broadcasters and sporting bodies anywhere in the world to produce professional and monetizable real-time graphics and animations for live sports streams, no matter what their skill, knowledge or budget level.

Features for Broadcasters

Automated Professional Graphics

Produce professional graphics like ESPN and Fox Sports without any prior knowledge, design or development skill

Centralised Asset Management

Upload and manage all your broadcast assets in one central location. No more google drive, No more dropbox

Market Leading Integrations

LIGR Integrates with all the market leading vision mixers through our unique LIGR Live URL

Unlimited Simultaneous Games

Produce unlimited simultaneous games at once! All on Auto Mode! Scale-out your production teams without having to buy more hardware or train more staff

Easily Power
In-Game Stats

Use the LIGR Live Score app to automate and power all of your in-game stats and graphics! Easily give your fans the stats they want, or connect to the leagues data provider and sit back and watch!



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Your Theme


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Your Graphics

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Features for Sporting Bodies

Own Your
Look And Feel

Choose from our professional, animated broadcast themes or ask for a custom design from our team, just for your league! Save time and money

Monetise Your Live Streams

Monetise and attract brands and sponsors to your live streams. Generate revenue with automated brand integration, creating new digital assets that you didn’t have before

Automated Professional Graphics

Automate and control your entire live stream graphic workflow, assigning access to your production team, league admins and even team admins

Connect Your
League Data

Integrate official data suppliers to power your live stream graphics. Match stats are half the story for your true fans. If you don’t have data you can use our LIGR Live Score Data App

Centralise Your Broadcast Assets

Clean up that messy asset workflow! upload, centralise and manage all of your broadcast assets including brand campaigns in our easy to use dashboards

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Case Studies

Utilising LIGR’s platform to produce automated graphics and run brand campaigns with Football NSW

Football NSW have signed a 3 year deal starting in 2019 to to utilise LIGR’s platform to produce automated graphics for over 450 games per year across their National Premier League Mens and Womens Competitions.

They are running multiple branding campaigns through LIGR’s “Smart Campaign” platform, which has seen the growth of live content from 2 to 18 games per weekend.

For this workflow, LIGR ingests Perform Groups Opta and Runningball API's to trigger the nationally themed graphics template designed and animated by LIGR's design team.

With LIGR now being deployed by four member football federations across Australia, spanning from the west to the east coast, the platform is enabling a professional and standardised solution for the member federations to work together to commercliase their largest digital asset... live football!

The response from fans has been fantastic, with significant and linear growth in audience numbers and engagement across both Youtube and Facebook channels, with future combined OTT plans in place.

We look forward to a long, prosperous relationship with our current and future member federations who come onto the LIGR platform to professionalise and monetise their live streams.

How the NBL used LIGR's PLATFORM to produce automated and professional graphics for their pre-season tournament, the NBL Blitz.

The NBL came to LIGR to produce a high-quality live stream, utilising the Genius Sports FIBA Live Stats data to power and automate the entire graphics workflow throughout the 2018 NBL Blitz pre-season Tournament.

The live streams ran branding campaigns for the Victorian Government and Bendigo and Ballarat cities, handled automatically by the LIGR platform, with the games being pushed to Twitter and the NBL.TV app.

It was a resounding success, with each game averaging over 30,000 live views across Twitter, accumulating in a very strong audience over the 3-day tournament.

The live content was pushed live to the automated highlight platform, WSC Sports, with fast delivery to Twitter, further increasing the audience engagement during and post game.

The NBL is one of the preeminent sporting organisations in Australia, deploying the most advanced technologies in digital workflows, and LIGR looks forward to a deepening relationship into the future.

The European Cricket League signs up with LIGR to launch cricket live streaming into Europe.

The new launched European Cricket League teamed up with Live Graphic Systems and Interact Sports, enabling a high end, yet cost effective and highly scalable solution to produce high quality, automated live streams, utilising the Interact Sports technology stack, integrated with LIGR's automated graphics platform.

By inputting data into the Interact Sports LiveScore Cricket application, the European Cricket League's live streams can connect to LIGR's technology, and power their entire graphics and branding workflow for their live streams, automatically.

This workflow takes away the typical burden of production, allowing a newly launched league to attract fans and commercial partners straight out of the gates, where initially for a new league there is general lack of resources to produce high quality content.

The first two games of the European Cricket League generated an audience of over one hundred thousand viewers in just over 6 hours across the ECL Youtube page. A fantastic result for all involved.

Producing high quality and automated graphics for Cricket Australia with Input Media Australia

LIGR teamed up with Input Media Australia to provide our graphics solution for Australias cricket network live streams for over 120 live games across the 2018-19 seasons.

LIGR’s platform ingested Opta data in real time, with graphics overlaid off-site in a cloud based Master Control Room, with large portions of the graphic workflow fully automated, requiring minimal graphics operation.

This approach allows cost saving on traditional, expensive on-site solutions, while allowing an unlimited amount of simultaneous games at once.

This workflow was unique in that it combined traditional workflows with automated and remote workflows in a first for Input Media and Cricket Australia. This workflow will become the future of sports broadcasts as the cost of production continues to come down and professional content scales out, providing a higher quality and higher quantity of content to sports fans all over the world.


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“For the first time, the live streams will use Live Graphic Systems (LIGR) cutting edge technology to deliver an automated live production that maximises engagement with fans and allows streaming from regional locations”
Guy Neville
Guy Neville, Head of Digital, NBL
“Live Graphic Systems have a fantastic product which provides us a cost-effective solution with a high-end result. We are proud to be working with LIGR to push the boundaries of sports broadcasting utilising cloud-based solutions”
Chris Law
Chris Law, Managing director, Input Media Australia
“While looking for an effective solution to display statistical data on screen for our NAB League competition the AFL saw the LIGR system as the perfect fit. With a short lead time and outstanding co-operation from the team at LIGR we successfully launched the Broadcasts using their highly engaging automated graphics platform The AFL have now proven there is a great appetite and interest for the U18 nationally and are now able to provide professional and engaging live broadcasts that would have been extremely difficult and cost prohibitive with traditional solutions.”
Spencer Wilson
Technical Services Manager - Australian Football League
“Live Graphic Systems offer a world-class product and service, and in a very short period of time we have successfully combined to deliver automated graphics driven by data and triggers captured through our match day scoring apps. We are very excited about the opportunity to provide grassroots sporting leagues and clubs the capability to broadcast their matches. There is a huge appetite out there and through this partnership, we are breaking down the barriers that have previously impacted the quality of local leagues broadcasting their matches.”
Rob Knee
InteractSport, Chief Operations Officer
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